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At Elite Stallions, we require an account for each person purchasing semen through us. your account will allow you to monitor your shipment, manage your mares and create orders!

To process chilled semen orders, we need to know by 9:00am GMT the day before you wish for it to be delivered. However, some of the more popular stallions sell out early, so it is often best to call as early as possible after 7:00am GMT.

To process frozen semen orders, you can call multiple days ahead of your planned insemination date to ensure the semen arrives in time. If you are ordering the day before, we need to know by 11:00 am GMT.

Both UPS and DHL strive to do pre 2:00pm deliveries. However, depending on delivery location and how busy the courier is, this window may stretch up to 5:30pm.

If your chilled semen package is not delivered in time, we will cancel the shipment fee tied to that shipment.

We are unable to offer refunds for lost vet fees.