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Escolar Estobar nrw Ehrentusch
Farah Dina L Fuerst Piccolo
Diva De Luxe Dimaggio Don Primero
Alina Wolkentanz II

Warunki: Stanówka 1000 EUR + 13,5% EUR umożliwia wiele prób nasieniem chłodzonym w jednym sezonie na jednej, nominowanej klaczy. 

Jeśli klacz będzie nieźrebna do końca sezonu, kwota równa 50% stanówki przechodzi do wykorzystania na nasienie jakiegokolwiek ogiera z tej samej stadniny w kolejnym roku. Jeśli pierwsza inseminacja będzie miała miejsce 1-szego lipca lub później i klacz nie zajdzie w ciążę, to kwota przechodząca na kolejny rok wynosi 100% opłaconej stanówki. W takich wypadkach potrzebne będzie Świadectwo Badania w Kierunku Ciąży podpisane przez lekarza weterynarii, wykonane nie później niż 30-stego Września.

Każda przesyłka chłodzonego nasienia wiąże się z opłatą, która pokrywa koszty kuriera i certyfikatu weterynaryjnego.

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About- It is said that Elastic is "as beautiful as an English engraving" and we couldn't put it better ourselves. This highly elegant son of Escolar from the extremely versatile Oldenburg performance line of the Adia II is outstanding in all three basic gaits. After his absolute gala performance at his licensing in Westphalia in 2021, this eye catcher was the talk of the town.

Sire- The father Escolar is one of the most established sires ever and ensured worldwide a revival of the almost forgotten, but extremely valuable e-blood of his ancestors Honor and Honor Tousch. Under riding champion Hubertus Schmidt, Escolar is part of the German Olympic squad and has placed several times at The German Championships. At the age of three and four he was riding horse national champion, at the age of eight he finished second in the final of the Nuremberg Castle Cup. More than 35 sons were licensed, including the premium stallion and dressage horse world championship silver winner Escamillo. From his successful offspring, the national champion and dressage horse world championship third Eternity stands out.

Damline- The mother Diva de Luxe  is a full sister to the licensed stallion Dynasty VDL.

The damsire Dimaggio placed fourth in the Riding Horse National Championship in 1999 and became World Champion of the five-year-old dressage horses in Arnhem/NED in 2000. Afterwards he went to Inter I. Among his most successful descendants are Duke of Britain/Frederic Wandres, Discovery OLD/Heiner Schiergen and team vice world champion Half Moon Delphi/Michael George Eilberg/GBR.

In third and fourth place in the pedigree look out for Wolkentanz II and Corde.

The third mother Annika is also the third mother to the international Grand Prix dressage horse Sir Stanley W (v. Stedinger)/Charlotte Lenherr.

From the mare strain also the licensed stallions Contango (v. Contender), Argo-Conti Tyme (v. Argentinus; intern. Inter I successful), Chacco's Rubin DSF (v. Chacco-Blue), Colandor (v. Concetto), Freddie Mercury (v. Fidertanz) or Lord Calador (v. Lordanos). As well as numerous sport horses in dressage and jumping: including Santander T (Inter I), Sommersby (1.40 m-Spr.), Lion D'or (intern. 1.40 m-Spr.), Russell (S-Dr.), Dana (Inter I), Landjego 6 v. Lamentos (1.40 m-Spr.), Carthagena (1.35 m-Spr.), Contendra JM (1.40 m-Spr.), Konstanze (intern. 1.45 m-Spr.), Lillith (1.40 m-Spr.), Carla Bruni R (VS int. CCI 3*-S), Alicia D.R. (S-Dr.), Lord Ludwig (1.40 m-Spr.), Cea (1.40 m-Spr.), Sancho (intern. 1.45 m-Spr.).

Mother is full sister to the licensed Dynasty VDL

More Details

Chilled/Frozen Chilled
Stud Schockemohle-Helgstrand
Approved For AES
WFFS Status Clear
Studbook Westfalian
Year of Birth 2019
Colour Black/Brown
Height 169
% Thoroughbred